Kansas City is talking!!

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Submitted by Marla Shannon on Mon, 2008-08-11 03:17.

Fellow Human Ted,

We so enjoyed your visit to Overland Park, KS. I'm still having a bit of trouble with the site, but I suspect some of it may be my computer not allowing everything to show.

I hope that people will take charge and become proactive in helping secure media exposure for you. Had I not seen a clip on Yahoo Local News I would have never known!

Expect an email when Brandon & I finally take our sabatical! :o) Thank you for your patience with his never ending questions and general curiosity. I was actually very impressed to hear him tell his nephew about what you were doing.

May God grace you with ample food and lodging...and abudant media exposure!! (...and less temp. and bugs!!) :o)
You have touched our hearts and our lives and will forever stay in our prayers.

Peaceful, Productive Journey Fellow Human!

Your Friends,

Marla & Brandon

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Submitted by Marla Shannon on Mon, 2008-09-22 03:10.


Hey! We just read your latest blog. You brightened Brandon's day! He's feeling a bit under the weather & running a fever. He perked right up, though, when he listened to your blog & saw the pictures! :o)

As to the difficulty with the site, I fear it is my outdated computer more than anything. I would click on for your offerings and there would be nothing. It was a bit hard to follow as to which heading had what sort of info too. I worked it out, though. I think having to click on each persons comment and go back to read a different comment is a bit cumbersome. Perhaps if there was a running bar on the side that you could click to read the next response would be more user friendly. I would imagine that is more difficult to set up, though.

I'm curious, as I'm sure others are as well, as to the ideas people have shared with you through your journey & the views of humanity you have been able to form from your unique perspective.

I think getting people jump started in conversing about important daily choices and living purposefully begins with your own views and specific observations. You have are in such a wonderfully unique position to transport information to and from the common man. Just the very act of walking coast to coast has put you in the presence of a wide variety of points of view . To look through so many eyes and get a better glimpse at what the collective common man views as opposed to the close up view of daily thought most of us are engaged in, is a birds eye view worthy of passing on to open the eyes of others. I think all to often we become so engrossed in dodging the rocks and pitfalls on each of our own personal paths chosen up the mountain of life that we forget to stand back and view it for what it is… a beautiful gift not to be discarded or ignored, but to be taken in fully.
To be lived.
Taken in through all of our senses until we are completely full of it and have no choice but to exhale and pass it on to our fellow humans. The big question is… what are we taking in … and what are we passing on? Joy? Hatred? Peace? Fear? Compassion? Condemnation? So many views of the same mountain of life, and each one is different and each one effects the next… and yet, all these views neither change nor add to, nor detract from the beloved mountain of life itself….simply our reality of it as it affects us individually…and collectively.
I believe collectively humanity doesn’t work as a unit efficiently because individually so many people feel disconnected and can not find purpose in their own journey. Often they loose sight of the fact that each of us is like a cog and even if we feel we are merely turning in circles, the very motion of our movement propels the next human and so on and so forth. The bottom line is each moment DOES have impact, much more than many would believe. This is WHY living purposefully is SO monumentally important, because each action will either impact the living, breathing act of human life itself - positively.. Or negatively. Living purposefully helps those checks and balances of a lifetime of choices end up in the black… NOT the red.
I think the human body is a perfect analogy to the human condition. As of late, I have become so engrossed on certain points in my life that I have neglected others, specifically the physical well being of my body. In the past 2 years I have put on a solid 20 lbs. The added weight makes me lethargic. It causes inflammation due to imbalance in my system. Now when I do walk to help reverse the consequences of my poor choices, I feel it in my knees, or my feet…or where ever. Yet, if I do not correct these short sighted choices I have made then I can not affect the consequences I have imposed on myself. I can choose to live in denial and ignore the situation, there by only hastening the probability of an untimely death of natural consequences: or I can purposefully choose to open my eyes, assess the BIG picture and reevaluate my actions to align with the outcome I desire.
I choose the latter. It is a purposeful choice that I must include it in my daily list of things to keep in sight lest I neglect them. Does it take an investment of my time and energy? Certainly, but aren’t each of us worth that?
The answer is YES. WE all have much value and worth, and if we are to continue to add our “human footprint” to shaping our world, we have to be here to do it.
Every day I see the tired, exhausted faces of strangers as they pass me by. Everyday I do my honest best to pass on a bit of joy or peace so that their next step my be less of a burden and more of a blessing.
Sometimes I think the reason people often don’t seem to care about the impact their daily choices have on the world is because they feel no one cares what the impact of others have had on them.
I may not be able to impart that gesture of compassion to the world.. But I can touch those within my reach… and they can touch a few people… and before you know it the change is exponential.

I choose to keep reaching out. I’m not alone… none of us are….we are connected and because of that fact… humanity will either live or die by each of our choices. I choose to help her live.

What do you choose… all of my fellow humans?

Happy journeys to all!


PS- Ted, you are continually in our thought and prayers. I am always delighted to see you have made it that much further on your journey and are safe and sound. Keep the feeds rolling! WE are ALL pulling for you! God speed, buddy!

Submitted by fellow human on Wed, 2008-08-13 20:59.

Hello Marla and Brandon!

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers and that fabulous roast(!) and all your hospitality.

It was a pleasure to meet you guys and observe your parenting Marla, and Brandons excited experience of childhood.

You two touched my heart as well and I look foreward to your future email.

Fondly, fhT

P.S. would you care to specifically explain some of the difficulty your having with the site in another comment section? I'd be very interested to know.