My basic location, current within the last day. . . or four. . . or . . . so.

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Submitted by fellow human on Wed, 2008-01-02 20:57.

If I haven't logged in here for a while, check the blog. I may have posted with my location there. Otherwise, assume I'm out of cell coverage, electricity, gumption, or somethin' else.

12/22/08 New York City. Jeez I forgot about updating this. I did successfully stroll onto the World Trade Center site around 3:45pm on Sat. Dec. 20th. I am now staying in NY for a while with my brother and perhaps other various folks while I get my wits about me, edit some video, have Christmas and New Year's, work more on the website and attend to anyone interested in interviews.

12/12/08 Allentown, PA. Whoa, holy smokes it's been a long time! I know. I have pushed my arrival at the World Trade Center site out to Sat. Dec. 20th at 3pm. By the way, I don't think I've ever really mentioned this but when I arrive there I am going to give a little speech about self awareness and how it figures in with 9/11, the events that followed, the future we are building together and who we are as human beings. I will also shoot a video of this which will then be posted on my site. I am now holed up at a friend's apartment 13 miles South of Allentown in a place called Quakertown (so many "towns" and "burgs" around here). There I have "drawn a line in the sand" (or the asphalt, really) and am making a last ditch effort to make the site presentable. This includes posting the most comprehensive intro I've been able to muster, replying to unanswered comments, putting up more video, tightening up the overall cohesion (or lack thereof) of the site and something I'm quite excited about, the introduction of non-profit t-shirts! I am also drawing up a press release for television newspaper and radio and if any of you would like to help me spread that around please let me know!

11/30/08 Ashland, PA

11/23/08 Aaronsburg, PA

11/22/08 State College, PA

11/1208 Cranberry, PA

10/31/08 Cleveland, OH.

10/20/08 Toledo, OH

10/9/08 Elkhart, IN.

9/30/08 Downtown Chicago.

9/29/08 Oak Park, IL. (18 miles West of down town Chicago)

9/18/08 Rock Falls, IL.

9/8/08 Iowa City, IA.

9/3/08 Grinnell, IA

8/25/08 Leon, IA.

8/19/08 Bethany, MO.

8/18/08 Cameron, MO.

8/11/08 Kansas City, KS.

8/4/08 Topeka, KS

7/31/08 Emporia, KS. Okay, my route's done.

7/19/08 Wichita, KS.

7/13/08 Tonkawa, OK. As far as I can understand the locals here are fond of either mowing down armadillos or finding armadillo roadkill and then puting a beer bottle between the dead creatures "hands" such that it appears to be holding it lengthwise against its body. In addition to this they apparently even sometimes adorn the deceased with clothing and/or accessories. Either way they then attempt to leave it in an upright posture on the side of the road. Hmmm. . . no offense Tonkawanians, but I'm sticking to bottled water around here.

7/7/08 Oklahome City, OK. I finished making the map of the remainder of my route while in Oklahoma City, and promptly deleted it by accident... ah, well.

6/29/08 Wayne, OK. Hot.

6/16/08 Ardmore, OK. Still here but will be hitting the road again around 6/24.

6/7/08 Ardmore, OK. I incurred a fairly serious sprain to my ankle five days ago and am laid up in Ardmore for a week or so.

5/30/08 Marietta, OK. Yep, I finally cleared Texas and entered OH(!) kla-ho-ma where the wind goes rushin' through the trees! That's from a musical, isn't it? So, it's super hot here. I've decided I'm goin' to New York... via Chicago.
I'll be posting the remainder of my route shortly.

5/25/08 Denton, TX. Back on the road for what I believe will be the duration.

5/2/08 Dallas, TX. Am writing this on new back-up phone finally received. Am staying in Dallas for fight to death with part of self regarding changing all offerings to establish foundation once and for all and creating audio blog to facilitate more frequent posting.

4/22/08 Fort Worth, TX. Went to post office to pick up new phone, box was tampered with and empty. Par for the course.

4/18/08 Weatherford, TX. Hoo-boy, sorry for big lapse: phone's down again and brain didn't remember to update when in Cisco.

3/29/08 Midland, TX

3/24/08 'bout 15 miles E of thorntonville, TX on Int 20

3/19/08 Pecos, TX

3/13/08 Van Horn, TX

3/9/08 Fort Hancock, TX

3/5/08 El Paso, TX. I actually attempted to update this a few days ago but it didn't take for some reason. Anyway, sorry for the laps. I was unable to log on here with my phone and time spent in front of library computers---which were few and far between---was used for higher priorities.

2/18/08 Bowie, AZ

2/13/08 Four miles E Of Benson, AZ

2/11/08 Back in the saddle again. A few miles West of Pantano, AZ.

2/6/08 I keep moving in tiny increments.
I'm 10 or so miles from Tucson's center. Seeking help from a kind person at a fedex kinkos tomorrow. Gonna try to update my phone because the web browser died.

2/4/08 Dead in the water people. I'm conferring with some folks about the effectiveness of how I'm framing and presenting the project. This includes the next offering, a project overview which was finished---at least at one point. It also actually belongs before the last one.

1/30/08 Still in the same place, I'm afraid.

1/25/08 Can't believe how fast the time passes. I have stopped within a natural area that also apparently partly encompasses the towns of Picture Rocks and Tucson Estates. I have done so to finish another offering and rethink my media appeal tactics before I hit Tucson.

1/19/08 hwy. 84, 5 miles south of Casa Grande, AZ

1/15/08 library downtown Chandler, Az

1/14/08 Airport, Phoenix, AZ. I have walked from Santa Monica but I didn't create this feature "My Location" until I reached Phoenix.